Past Auction and Appraisal Clients

Agassiz Village">


Past Auction and Appraisal Clients

Agassiz Village, West Poland, ME (1914 Hershell-Spillman)

American Carousel Museum, S/F, CA (1907-1910 Mullers)

Americana Carousel, Middletown, OH (1925 PTC)

American Carousel, Ross, OH

Belchertown Carousel, Belchertown, MA (1912 Stein & Goldstein)

Boblo Island Carousel, Dearborn, MI (1906 Illions-Mangels)

Carr Carousel, Morgantown, PA (1903 C.W. Parker)

 The Allen Herschell Company

County Fair Park, Bryant, IN

Crystal Beach Carousel, Ft. Wayne, IN (1906 PTC)

Euclid Beach Park, Cleveland, OH (1909 PTC)

Exchange Club Carousel, Brookhaven, MS (1912 C.W. Parker)

Fairland Amusements, Lancaster, NY

Fireman’s Carousel, Onancock, VA (Allen-Herschell)

Bud Hurlbut Collection, Anaheim, CA (Numerous)

Idora Park, Youngstown, OH (1922 PTC)

Moxahala Park, Zanesville, OH  (1908 C.W. Parker)

Neff's Park, San Angelo, TX  (1906 Parker)

O'Kane Carousel, Monterey, CA (1915 Herschell-Spillman)

Paragon Park Carousel, Boston, MA (1928 PTC)

Parrott Carousel, Paducah, KY (circa 1930's Herschell-Spillman)

Penny Whistle Park, Dallas, TX

Peony Park Carousel, Omaha, NE (1958 Allen Herschell/Chance)

Playland Park Carousels, San Antonio, TX (1917 C.W. Parker)

Quassy Park Carousel, Middlebury, CT (1902 E. Joy Morris)

Roseland Park Carousel, Canandaigua, NY (1903 PTC)

Santa's Village, Skyforest, CA  (1922-23 Allen Herschell)

Seaport Village Carousel, San Diego, CA (1890 Looff)

Tampa Consignment Auctions, ’91-‘03 (Numerous)

Twin Lakes Park, Paris, IL  (1916 Allen-Herschell)

Whalom Park Carousel, Fitchburg, MA (1909 Looff)

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